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Now has never been a better time for our friends in Canada to purchase a new or preowned RV.  With currency, exchange rates at there current values and our high volume low pricing philosophy, the benefits to our customers
in Canada to purchase goods in the United States has never been better. It only makes cent$ to buy from us.
We have sold many RV's into Canada over the years, but as the exchange rates have gotten closer to even, more and more customers have been making the trip from Canada to purchase new and preowned RV's.  Rocky Mountain RV understands the paperwork and the process needed to ensure our customers have a simple border crossing experience.
The import process is a simple one.  We supply all the necessary paper work needed for the border office.
Paperwork consists of the following:
PURCHASE ORDER - Showing the vehicle identification number and the agreed to purchase price.  This needs to be a signed original as the Canada border agent will calculate the goods and service tax from the paid amount on the purchase order.
RECALL CLEARANCE LETTER - This can be a faxed copy but does need to be on the manufacturers company letter head and must show the VIN number of the vehicle being purchased.
TITLE or MSO - The title or MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin or factory title before it's turned into a customers ownership (title) needs to be assigned to the purchaser by the dealership.  You will need to have this document as it will be the only document that transfers ownership to the customer.
With the three documents listed above we give you, you'll be ready to head home with your new purchase.  Once at the border you will need to stop by the United State side first to make sure there is nothing needed for the US border agent.  Next, proceed to the Canada border agent office where they will ask for the paperwork we have supplied to you at our dealership.  They will inspect the
trailer to make sure the serial number matches; have you fill out an import form and will collect the goods and services tax and the Canada RIV fee.  (We have been informed by our customers that a credit card can be used for the tax and fees).
Because we are transferring title to the customer and as a dealership doing business in the USA, we have no recourse to recover a vehicle once it has passed over the border.  One of our requirements is to have your new purchase paid for in full before it leaves our dealership.  Typically we request that a wire transfer of fund be completed in the amount of the agreed to purchase price.  This ensures our lenders that the vehicle was paid for before it leaves our possession.  Typically a wire transfer of funds can take up to three business days, so planning ahead before making your trip is a great idea.  This could save you time and money.
Other facts to note with importing into Canada:
Most websites state that there is a 72 hour waiting period before you reach the border with a vehicle.  This is only true if the vehicle is a motorized vessel, such as a car, truck, motor home, ATV, etc.  With a non-motorized vehicle such as a travel
trailer, 5th wheel, or truck camper, there is no 72 hour waiting period.  You can pick up your new unit and head strait for the boarder with no wait period.  In the very near future you will be required to furnish your passports before entering the USA.  If you do not already have a passport, it's a good idea to obtain one for traveling to other countries.  Keep in mind, it may take up to 12 weeks to obtain a passport.

Delivery options:

   We have many delivery options to choose from,

    1. With the ability to offer the customer direct pick up near the factory we can sell the trailer at the lowest price possible.

    2. Destination delivery is when we have the Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheeler, delivered to any location you choose it does not have to be your residence, it can be the local Shopping centers parking lot or it can be delivered right to your favorite campsite or RV. park..

    3. We also work with very reputable freight companies that can bring the unit to your door and show you how to operate your new Travel Trailer or Fifth wheeler at or near your home saving you time and money.. 

    4. Another great option is coming into Montana and taking advantage of one of the last places without a sales tax, this alone can save you thousands.

    5. A popular way of saving even more money is to establish an LLC here in Montana for a one time fee of 200.00, this allows you to License the unit in Montana and take advantage of our permanent registration VS. paying to register your unit each year, also this is   a great way to avoid the GST.. that can cost thousands per unit.. We can get you in touch with the people to make this option easy and legal...

    6. one very convenient option is to have us store the unit in the States in a safe and secure storage facility when you are home in Canada and when you are ready to come back to the states we can deliver it to the location of your choice, when you are ready to return home we can pull it back to the secure facility, until your next trip. this is also avoids the GST... and if the unit is in the States for more than year the unit is now a used unit and when you bring it into canada the GST.. will be much less than if it is a new unit,,, we can help you with this option just ask us how... @ 406-494-2555  or toll free 1-800-822-1114

    All of these options can serve you well in the purchase of your next Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel, if you choose to come into Montana to pick up your unit, we will guarantee that you are taken care of when you shop with us by offering the friendliest Sales staff in the business, and the most knowledgeable service dept. in the Rockies, it is our passion to provide you with a pleasant experience, we are a volume dealer and we would rather sell you ten trailers in our relationship at a small percentage than to get one big sale out of you, we promise not to disappoint.
   And by coming down to see us you can make a vacation of it and see the first National Park in the United States, Yellowstone National Park , full of sites that are unique to this park and nowhere else in the World, it is two hours from our store.  contact us now @ 406-494-2555  or toll free 1-800-822-1114

Hey Rocky Mountain RV.  We bought a new KZ from you late last year.  I wanted to let you know that you guys are the best.  You all treated me like I was a part of your family.  Crossing the boarder was never easier.  I have to admit, I saved quite a bit of money buying from you.  We will keep you in mind next time we run into someone who is looking for a new RV.  Thanks again for everything.
Mattie W.  -  Edmonton, AB
Thought I would drop you a line.  My family and I are greatful for all that you did for us.  Allen took very good care of us.  Thanks for letting us stay in our new fifth wheel on your property.  It gave us a few days to learn how to use our new unit.  Brandon was so helpful when showing us how to use our fifth wheel.  My brother-in-law is looking to buy a new trailer and I have recommended buying from you. 
P.S. Made it across the boarder with no troubles.
Eric & Kathy J. - Calgary, AB

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